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Diagnostic Imaging (X-ray)

Overview of program
Diagnostic Imaging provides X-rays to children and youth at SCCY Centre.

What to expect during your visit
Check in at the clinic desk at SSCY Centre. If your child has a pre-ordered X-ray, you can go to the Diagnostic Imaging Department before your clinic appointment. If your child’s physician orders an X-ray during their visit you can come to the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

Clients will be seen in the order that their requests are received. You should not have to wait more than 30 minutes for an X-ray.

Meet your team
The X-ray technologist will perform your child’s X-ray procedure.

How to access the program
Any clients ages 0-21 at SSCY Centre with an X-ray request from a physician at SCCY Centre can come to the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

In the case of Spine clinics: A referral from your family physician must be sent to one of two Spine surgeons. Once we receive the referral your child will be put on the wait list. Exceptions are made for urgent cases. When an appointment is available, the X-ray technologist/spine clinic coordinator will contact you with the appointment day and time. You can contact the spine clinic coordinator by phone at (204) 258-6592.

Find and contact us
We are on the main floor of SCCY Centre, in the Picture Studio. We are open Monday – Thursday, 8am – 4pm.

Program funder
This program is funded by Manitoba Health