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Research, Quality, & Education

The Rehabilitation Centre for Children encourages and supports collaborative and multi-site research projects.


Research at RCC/SSCY

Health care providers and researchers, both internal and affiliated with the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, conduct research at SSCY Centre. RCC encourages and supports internal, collaborative, and multi-site research projects.

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Applying for Research Access

Research conducted at RCC, located at SSCY Centre, is reviewed and approved by members of the RCC Research Department and affiliated RCC staff. Research Access review and approval is required for all research conducted at RCC.

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Knowledge Sharing

Clinicians at RCC and SSCY Centre are supported to attend national and international conferences to strengthen integration of emerging and evidence informed practice changes into clinical care.

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ENRRICH is a Manitoba-based research theme, dedicated to making meaningful advances in pediatric neurodevelopment and rehabilitation research and knowledge translation to improve children’s and their family’s quality of life. 

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Quality & Accreditation

The Rehabilitation Centre for Children (RCC) is committed to all aspects of the quality improvement process. In pursuing its objectives, RCC follows the process established by Accreditation Canada and the Health Standards Organization.

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The Rehabilitation Centre for Children contributes to the education of students, colleagues and members of the general public, both at the Centre and at educational institutions and conferences.

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