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Learn about the various programs and services offered at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children.

A-Z Programs and Services


  • Active Living Loan Pool

    The Active Living Centre is a loan pool of accessible recreation equipment that can be borrowed by families and professionals for three weeks at a time.

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  • Adapted Books

    The Specialized Communication Resources for Children (SCRC) Library is a collection of children’s books that have been adapted to include picture communication symbols, which help with learning and comprehension.

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  • Assistive Technology

    The Assistive Technology Department helps families and caregivers by providing specialized equipment to improve the quality of life of children and youth with disabilities in Manitoba and Nunavut.

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  • Augmentive and Alternative Communication (AAC)

    The Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) program is designed to help children with complex communication needs find a way to connect and communicate with those around them.

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  • Autism

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder characterized by deficits in social interaction/communication, restricted interests and repetitive behaviours. The majority of the programs and services at RCC support children with Autism and their families. The Child Development Clinic is a diagnostic clinic for preschool children referred with a query of ASD.

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  • Building Circles

    Building Circles of Support is a free 8-week educational FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) information program for parents, caregivers, other family members, and professionals who support children and youth recently seen or diagnosed at the Manitoba FASD Centre.

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  • Child Development Clinic

    The Child Development Clinic (CDC) is a multidisciplinary diagnostic clinic that provides expertise in understanding preschool development and behaviour for children aged 0-5 years.

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  • Children's Therapy Network of Manitoba (CTNM)

    Children’s Therapy Network of Manitoba (CTNM), previously CTI, provides therapy services in Manitoba. Outreach Therapy provides therapy services to rural communities in Manitoba.

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  • Community Recreation Programs

    The RCC/SSCY Family Network hosts a website called Inclusive Recreation in Manitoba, which provides a snapshot of recreation opportunities that are available to children and teens with additional needs in Manitoba.

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  • Complex Care Clinic

    Complex Care Clinic provides family-centered care for children and youth with complex medical needs.

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  • Diagnostic Imaging (X-Ray)

    Diagnostic Imaging provides X-rays to children and youth at SCCY Centre.

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  • Family Network

    The RCC/SSCY Family Network is a community of caregivers for children and youth with disabilities in Manitoba. Under the direction of the RCC/SSCY Family Advisory Council, the Family Network offers a monthly newsletter, programs, and workshops to support families.

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  • Family Resource Centre

    The SSCY Family Resource Centre is a lending library, family space, and information hub that provides a wide array of services to families of children with disabilities.

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  • FASD

    The Manitoba FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) Centre is a multidisciplinary assessment, education, training and research service for children and youth in the province of Manitoba.

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  • Feeding Clinic

    Feeding Clinic is for children and youth living in Manitoba, Nunavut, and Northern Ontario.

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  • Hypertonia Clinic

    Hypertonia Clinic provides family-centered care for children and youth with Cerebral Palsy and other Neurodevelopmental conditions affecting muscle function and tone.

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  • Jordan’s Principle Services

    RCC provides therapy services to all First Nations across Manitoba through Jordan’s Principle. RCC is committed to traveling to First Nation communities and providing services within the child’s community.

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  • LIFE Program

    The LIFE (Leisure in Fun Environments) Program is a therapeutic recreation program, which provides opportunities for children and youth with disabilities to engage in meaningful recreational experiences. This Program is funded by the generous donations made to the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation.

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  • Limb Difference Clinic

    Limb Difference Clinic is a multi-disciplinary program that provides family centered care to children and youth with a congenital or acquired limb difference.

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  • Neonatal Follow-up (NFU)

    The Neonatal Follow-up Program (NFU) is a provincial program that provides care and monitors the development and growth of high-risk babies and preschool children.

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  • Neuromuscular Clinic

    Neuromuscular Clinic provides family-centered care for children and youth with Neuromuscular Disorders that require coordinated care from several health professionals.

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  • Orthopedic Clinic

    Orthopedic Clinic provides family-centered care for children and youth with Cerebral Palsy and other Neurodevelopmental conditions affecting muscle function and tone.

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  • Outreach Therapy

    RCC Outreach Therapy Services Department provides Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services to children in their natural environments; home, daycare, school or community.

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  • Prosthetics and Orthotics

    The Prosthetics and Orthotics Department provides assessment, design, fabrication, fitting and follow-up for children who require prosthetic and/or orthotic devices.

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  • Relate Program

    The Relate Program provides education and consultation to caregivers and professionals supporting Autistic children and those with other neurodevelopmental difficulties (preschool and school aged), who are experiencing challenges or differences related to social communication development, relationships, and behaviour.

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  • School Therapy Services (STS)

    RCC offers occupational therapy and physiotherapy services to children in schools through the Outreach Therapy Department.

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  • Spina Bifida Clinic

    Spina Bifida Clinic is a multi-disciplinary program that provides family-centered care for children and youth with Spina Bifida or Spinal Cord Injuries.

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  • SSCY Family Resource Centre (FRC)

    The SSCY Family Resource Centre is an information and loan service that is offered to clients of the SSCY Centre, as well as families and service providers across the province. The goal is to provide access to resources that will inform and empower families of children with disabilities. These resources include information, books, toys, adapted recreational equipment, and adapted books.

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  • Stepping Out on Saturdays (SOS)

    The Manitoba Stepping Out on Saturdays Program (aka “SOS Camp”) is a once-per-month therapeutic recreation program for children ages 5-12 years old with a diagnosis of FASD or who are on the waitlist for assessment with the Manitoba FASD Centre. Priority is given to children in care or supported by a child welfare agency.

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