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LIFE Program (Leisure in Fun Environments)

The LIFE Program (Leisure in Fun Environments) provides opportunities for children and youth with special needs to engage in meaningful recreational activity. It is funded by donations to the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. There is more information about the three programs within the LIFE Program below. View the SSCY events calendar to see when each program is starting! If you would like more information please contact: Dom ( or (204) 258-6500), Maya ( or (204) 258-6538), or Carol ( or (204) 258-6537).


Summer Day Camps
  • Supervised by professionals (Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy)
  • Recreation support workers work 1:1 with campers
  • For ages 12 to 21; some spaces for younger campers with complex physical care needs
  • Campers can attend for one or two weeks; can be a combination of the different camps
  • Funding:
    • Registration fee paid by parents
    • Cost for 1:1 support is paid by Family Services (must be pre-approved by Family Services worker)
    • All other costs funded by the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation
  • Registration opens mid-late February, deadline is the end of March
  • See camp dates in our brochure
Art Camp
  • This camp provides artsy participants with an opportunity to explore their creative side all week!
  • In the morning, campers will participate in engaging art workshops
  • After lunch, participants will spend the afternoon doing a variety of activities including gardening, cooking, crafts, and games
  • Designed for youth who have an interest in art
Chef/Gardener Camp
  • This camp is based out of SSCY Centre
  • Campers will help in the gardens at Winnipeg Harvest
  • Campers will develop their cooking skills as they prepare new and fun meals
  • Designed for youth who can handle a dynamic environment
Out and About Camp
  • Campers are provided with the opportunity to explore the city of Winnipeg with friends
  • Campers are dropped off and picked up at a different location each day (locations will be given to parents ahead of time)
  • Possible activity locations include the Assiniboine Park Zoo, Fort Whyte Alive, Kildonan Park, the Fringe Festival, the Forks, museums, and fun activities such as mini-golf, archery, and bowling
  • Designed for youth who are comfortable in a dynamic environment with lots of new things to discover
Sun and Fun Swim Camp
  • Based at St. John’s High School in the Life Skills area and the school gym
  • The predictable start of each day makes this camp a great fit for youth who do best with consistency and routine
  • Camp runs from 9:30 to 3:00 daily, with 16 campers per week
  • Resource team staff assist 1:1 workers with adapting activity and setting up environments for campers with behaviour needs
  • This camp starts at the North Centennial Recreation Facility each morning, and campers walk or ride bikes to the high school after swimming
  • Other activities include crafts, neighborhood walks and bike rides, water fights, yoga, bowling, adapted sports (afternoons are also tailored to include quiet time as needed)
  • Adapted bikes and trikes are onsite, and stored in a PODS shipping container on the school parking lot
Sun and Fun Music Camp
  • This camp follows the same model as the Sun and Fun Swim Camp, with a focus on music therapy
  • Campers are dropped off and picked up at St. John’s High School
  • Starts with music therapy each morning, and various camp activities each afternoon
RBC Therapeutic Recreation and Wellness Program
  • Recreational programming for children and youth from preschool up to age 21
  • Programs are offered after school and on weekends, between September and June
  • Supervised by a professional, with the exception of parent-attended programs
  • Recreation support workers on a ratio of 1:3; volunteers assist as well
  • Participants needing 1:1 support can attend with their own worker
  • We can provide a 1:1 worker on request; payment is arranged directly between family and the staff person
  • Registration for SNFT and Explore can take place any time; other programs as details are confirmed and information sent out / posted
After-school Cooking clubs
  • Registrations are available from the hosting school
  • Students from grades 7 – 12 stay after school to cook and enjoy dinner
  • Programs vary in length from 5 – 8 weeks, and run from 3:30 to 6:00
  • Peer volunteers are recruited from the school, providing an opportunity for friendship and bridging the gap between mainstream and special education
  • A full dinner is prepared each week (salad, main course, dessert) with recipes adapted as needed
  • Adapted cooking tools are used as needed
  • Students choose the menu from week to week
  • Grocery shopping and laundry can be done by the students as part of their Life Skills programming during the regular school day
  • Staff is provided by the LIFE program; School staff are welcome to join as well
After-school Yoga clubs
  • Registrations available from the hosting school
  • Similar to the cooking clubs; one group does an hour of yoga while another group prepares dinner
  • Yoga instruction is provided by a qualified teacher with training in yoga for people with special needs
  • A joint program with Society for Manitobans with Disabilities and Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba
  • Learn the skills needed to play boccia, and practice with other boccia players in Manitoba
  • Read our info sheet for all the details!
  • For the whole family, on selected Sunday afternoons in various rural communities
  • Yearly event for each community
  • Adapted equipment (free-standing bowling ramps, switch-activated ball holding device) available
  • Community outings for ages 12 – 21 (no parents)
  • Includes hockey games, Santa Claus parade, community festivals, skating and tobogganing, museums, and going out to eat
  • Families are responsible for the cost of admission, food, and snacks
  • To register, fill out the registration form and return to Dom at 1155 Notre Dame Ave or fax to (204) 477-5547
Fall festival
  • For the whole family
  • 2-hour festival on a Sunday afternoon
  • Activities include building scarecrows, carving pumpkins, decorating cookies, crafts, “Spooky Corner”, a photo booth, and games
Friday Supper Club
  • A chance for families to prepare meals and eat together with other families
  • For participants aged 12-21 and parent(s)/caregivers
  • We use the Guided Participation model to facilitate flexible thinking and decision-making while strengthening the parent-child relationship in a supportive environment
  • Cooks of all ability levels are welcome – we provide adapted cooking equipment as needed, including switch-operated devices
  • Friday October 12th, November 9th and December 7th 2018 (Registration signs you up for all three days)
  • To register, contact Dom at (204) 258-6500 or
  • For the whole family, on selected Sunday afternoons
  • Planting, digging, smelling, tasting, crafts using garden materials
  • Work in the SSCY garden beds, as well as Winnipeg Harvest gardens
Inservice Days
  • We will be offering five inservice days throughout the school year
  • Join us for different activities, like the zoo, games, cooking, bowling, art, and movies
  • Staff are provided in a 3:1 ratio
  • To register, fill out the registration form and return to Dom at 1155 Notre Dame Ave or fax to (204) 477-5547
Music Therapy
  • Saturdays in 8-week blocks
  • For children and youth ages 2 to 21, separated into different age groups
  • Each participant comes with one or both parents
  • Led by a certified music therapist
  • Read the info sheet for more information
  • To register, fill out the registration form and return to Dom at 1155 Notre Dame Ave or fax to (204) 477-5547
Saturday Cooking Club
  • Saturdays in 4 – 8 week blocks, for one to two hours
  • For children and youth ages 8 to 12, and 12 to 21
  • Each “junior cook” attends with a parent or caregiver
  • Each week has a different theme, eg beans, pizza, sandwiches
  • Includes food preparation and a Tasting Adventure
  • Tasting Adventure is structured as a safe opportunity to step outside of the comfort zone. Steps to tasting include touching, smelling, licking, holding food with your teeth, and eating. Participants are given the choice of how many steps they go through!
  • A rating sheet is filled out by each participant to keep track of what they have tried
  • For parents who have attended the 7-week Flexible Thinking learning series, cooking offers an opportunity to put guiding skills into practice
  • Read the info sheet for more information
  • To register, fill out the registration form and return to Dom at 1155 Notre Dame Ave or fax to (204) 477-5547
Saturday Night for Teens
  • Held at SSCY Centre
  • 15 Saturdays during the school year, from 4:00 to 9:00 (5 hours, to give parents an opportunity to have an evening on their own)
  • For youth/young adults between 12 and 21 years old
  • Registrants are invited on a rotating basis to ensure that each event has full attendance, and all youth have equal opportunity to attend
  • Includes dinner prep, games and crafts, karaoke, dance, yoga, art, music therapy
  • A guest instructor (music therapist, dance teacher, yoga instructor, or artist) attends each event, and works with small groups after dinner
  • To register, fill out the registration form and return to Dom at 1155 Notre Dame Ave or fax to (204) 477-5547
  • A family event to practice skating with specialized and adapted equipment on Sunday afternoons
  • See the info sheet for more details about upcoming events
Spa day
  • Held at SSCY Centre
  • For youth/young adults between 12 and 21 years old; parent attendance optional
  • Includes home-made face masks, manicures and pedicures, crafts, and snacks
Sport Development
  • Providing opportunities for participants and families to try new sports
  • Sports include archery, boccia, and bowling
  • Adapted equipment will be available
  • Details will be sent out as events are scheduled
Swim days
  • For the whole family
  • Held on selected Sunday afternoons at an accessible community pool
  • Hosted in partnership with the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba; open to their adult members as well
  • LIFE program staff provide assistance with changing and transfers as needed
  • An extra-wide massage table is used for changes in the adapted change rooms
  • Adapted and specialized flotation devices are available to borrow, and staff are available for consultation to families as needed
“Test-drive a Bike” days
  • Held in the spring
  • Families needing help finding the right adapted / specialized bike or trike can come for a brief assessment and test drive
  • Bikes from our equipment pool, as well as bike trailers and beach wheelchairs, are made available for trial
  • Families are given a summary sheet to pass along to their therapist for assistance with funding
  • Saturdays in 8-week blocks
  • For children and youth ages 8 to 12, and 12 to 21
  • Low sensory group is smaller and moves at a slower pace
  • Each yogi attends with a parent or caregiver
  • Led by an instructor with training in adapted yoga
  • Read the info sheet for more information
  • To register, fill out the registration form and return to Dom at 1155 Notre Dame Ave or fax to (204) 477-5547
Active Living Centre (Recreation Equipment)
The Active Living Centre is an equipment loan program. We have specialized and adapted bikes, beach wheelchairs, flotation aids, and adapted sports equipment. Families can borrow equipment for several weeks at a time. Visit our Loan Programs page to see all the equipment you can borrow!