Family Network

The RCC/SSCY Family Network is a community of caregivers for children and youth with disabilities in Manitoba. Under the direction of the RCC/SSCY Family Advisory Council, the Family Network offers a monthly newsletter, programs, and workshops to support families.

Liz Bannister (grey shirt) and Max Bannister (blue shirt) pose with another family at the RCC SSCY Family Network Retreat.


The Family Network provides families with information and opportunities to share experiences and connect with others who have a loved one living with a disability. The Network also works to address gaps identified by families by ensuring equitable access to information and support through a variety of ways.

Family Network Resources and Events

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Parent to Parent Cafe
A support group for parents, led by parents, that meets monthly and addresses topics highlighted by those who attend.

For siblings ages 7-14 of children with additional needs, and provide an opportunity to laugh, connect, and talk about the good and challenging aspects of having a sibling with additional needs.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers
A six-week program designed to provide caregivers with the tools needed to take care of themselves while caring for others.

Special events
Speakers, workshops, and other events several times a year based on needs and areas of interest identified in the Family Network community.

Inclusive Recreation in Manitoba website
a website for Manitoban families that gathers info about accessible recreation opportunities all in one place. Visit the Inclusive Recreation in Manitoba website here.

The Family Network is guided by the RCC/SSCY Family Advisory Council, a group of parents and staff liaisons who provide input and feedback on initiatives at SSCY, as well as plan and organize the programs and events offered through the Family Network.

Contact Information

Phone: (204) 258-6567