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Research and evaluation are important parts of the services provided by the Rehabilitation Centre for Children (RCC). Research helps us learn new things and provide better care and new technologies for our children and youth. Evaluations and quality improvement projects are done to make sure that we are doing the best things for our programs and services. Clinicians, therapists and other staff at RCC do research and quality improvement projects. Researchers from universities and health centres in Manitoba, across Canada, and internationally also do research at RCC and SSCY Centre.

The goals of research and evaluation at RCC are to:

  • learn more about issues that are important to our children, youth and families
  • improve care received through RCC
  • increase community participation
  • improve quality of life for our children, youth and families

Our Research Associate position is funded by donations to the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation.  Our Research Associate helps RCC clinicians and therapists do research and program evaluations.  Our Research Associate also acts as the SSCY Centre Research Associate. RCC works with the other SSCY Centre partners on the SSCY Research & Evaluation Committee. This Committee is working on evaluating the SSCY Network partnership, to make sure the SSCY Network is providing the best services possible while meeting the needs of our clients and families. You can learn more about this Committee and all of the research happing at SSCY Centre here.

You can find more research information within these research pages. For more information, please contact our Research Associate, Elizabeth Hammond PT, PhD at or (204) 258-6717.