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For Children & Youth

Coming for an Appointment

Here are some important things to remember when you come for an appointment at RCC/SSCY Centre:

Bring Your Health Card!

Please bring your Manitoba Health Card to EVERY visit.

Come Early

It is a good idea to come to your appointment at least 15 minutes early. This will give you time to find the building, find parking and get to your appointment in the building.

Check in at Front Reception
All clients, families and visitors must check-in at front reception*. This is on the right hand side when you enter the building. If you parked in Family Parking, please give your license plate number to our receptionist.

Our front receptionist will:

  • Greet you in a warm and friendly manner
  • Review your appointment(s) and make sure you know where you need to go
  • If you have multiple appointments, you may be given an appointment card that lists the time and location of all your appointments
  • Let the person you are seeing know you have arrived, so they can be ready for you
  • Give you directions in SSCY Centre
  • Ask for help from the SSCY Concierge/Helper, if needed

* Clients coming for an appointment to a department at SSCY Centre which they have visited before may choose to report directly to that department or clinic reception area (e.g., Prosthetics & Orthotics; Child Development Clinic).

SSCY Concierge/Helper

SSCY Centre has a Concierge/Helper, who can help clients and families at SSCY Centre. This position is not intended to replace attendants or other care providers supporting the child or youth.

Our Concierge/Helper can provide help to you and your family by:

  • Helping with car transfers and lifts
  • Helping with moving of equipment in/out or within the building
  • Helping with parking
  • Helping in navigating within the building to your appointment(s)
  • Overseeing our waiting area
  • Other assistance, as required