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About RCC

Board of Directors / Corporate

The Rehabilitation Centre for Children is grateful for the hard work and dedication of its Board of Directors.

Our current Board members are:

  • Dr Ab Chudley, Chair
  • Sarah Carr
  • Karen Chrest
  • Jeanette Edwards
  • Cindy Elliott
  • Pamela McCallum Beazley
  • Bev Mehmel
  • Dr Stefanie Narvey

Non-voting members/staff:

  • Cheryl Susinski, Executive Director
  • Pavlo Motruk, Director of Finance
  • Kizzy Phillips, Executive Assistant

Public Compensation Disclosure

In accordance with requirements set out by the Provincial Public Sector Compensation Act, RCC has made its annual list of employees who make more than $75,000 a year available online.