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For Children & Youth

Family Rights and Responsibilities

At RCC/SSCY Centre we believe that children, youth, and families are children, youth and families, first.  We will practice in a family-centred way.  We support a team approach in all aspects of our organization. We respect the vital role that families play in their children and youth’s growth and development. We believe families are experts in the knowledge of their children’s needs and care. We will work in partnership with families to assess the needs of children and to find solutions that increase function and promote quality of life. It is our aim to enable families to obtain the resources, knowledge and skills they need to direct the care of their children and to advocate on their behalf.

Children, Youth & Families have the right to:

  • Quality care and service
  • Treatment that is courteous, dignified and respectful
  • Respect for your language, personal beliefs and culture
  • Information you can understand and opportunities to ask questions
  • Make choices and decisions
  • Emotional support
  • Confidentiality and privacy

Children, Youth & Families have the responsibility to:

  • Ask for the information you need
  • Ask questions, and ask again if you do not understand or have forgotten
  • Always give service providers up-to-date information
  • Determine goals, expectations and plans for your child or youth, in collaboration with your team of service providers
  • Treat care providers with courtesy, dignity and respect
  • Provide feedback on the service you receive, including appreciation

The goals and service plans are yours, and need to be compatible with the unique circumstances of your family and your service organization.  We will assure as fully informed decision-making as possible, to assist you in short and/or long term planning for your child, youth and family.