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For Researchers

Clinicians and researchers both internal and external to RCC are encouraged to conduct research at RCC. RCC also encourages collaborative and multi-site research projects. Many RCC clinicians are available to collaborate on research projects in varying capacities, including data collection, advisor and co-applicant. Please contact our Research Associate to discuss conducting research at RCC: Elizabeth Hammond PT, PhD at or (204) 258-6717. Read about our past and ongoing research here.

The overarching goals of research at RCC are to:

  • learn more about issues that are important to our children, youth and families
  • improve care received through RCC
  • increase community participation
  • enhance quality of life

Since RCC is a co-locating SSCY Network partner, research conducted at RCC is reviewed and approved by the SSCY Research and Evaluation Committee. Research projects conducted at RCC and SSCY Centre must align with our mission, vision and values. Researchers will be asked to participate in a variety of knowledge translation activities, in order to share research results with families, clinicians, managers, other researchers, and RCC partners.

The SSCY Research and Evaluation Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving proposals for all research:

  • conducted at SSCY Centre (including recruitment and data collection)
  • involving electronic medical records covered by the SSCY Data Sharing Agreement
  • that are about the SSCY Network.

Please consult the SSCY Network website for complete information on how to apply for research access at SSCY Centre. You may download the SSCY Research Access Guideline and Application Form here:

The RCC Research Associate (funded by the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation) also acts as the SSCY Centre Research Associate.  If you have any questions about conducting research at RCC or SSCY Centre, please contact Research Associate Elizabeth Hammond PT, PhD at or (204) 258-6717. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on research at RCC!