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SSCY Family Resource Centre Library

library shelves with toys on topThe SSCY Family Resource Centre offers families many different resources, such as books, videos, newsletters, and adapted toys. It is located in The Square on the main floor of SSCY Centre. You may contact the Family Resource Centre at (204) 258-6536.

Funding for the SSCY Family Resource Centre is from the Khartum Ladies Auxiliary and the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation.

In this family-friendly centre, families will find over 2000 harder-to-find resources about special needs and general health issues, including:

  • books, videos and DVDs about specific disabilities or conditions
  • story books about or including children with special needs
  • books addressing the concerns of siblings and parents
  • general parenting resources
  • education issues
  • pamphlets
  • newsletters
  • magazines and journals

Families are welcome to sign out most resources for a four-week period. We are able to mail print and video resources to Manitoba locations outside of Winnipeg.

Click here to learn more and see all of our resources.