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Active Living Centre (Recreation Equipment)

The Active Living Centre is part of the LIFE Program (Leisure in Fun Environments). It is funded by the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation. The goal of the Active Living Centre is to promote active living and healthy lifestyles. We have a variety of equipment that families can borrow to help their child be more active. We help make it easier for children with disabilities and their families to increase their recreation and leisure activities at home, school and in the community.  Families and professionals can borrow equipment for several weeks at a time.

Equipment available includes:

  • Adapted and specialized bikes, trikes, and trailers
  • Beach wheelchairs
  • Wooden push sleds
  • Hockey sledges
  • Scooters (EZ-rollers and large rectangular scooters)
  • Adapted bowling and curling sets
  • Switch-activated ball holding device for bowling
  • Balls
  • Balance and agility equipment
  • Chill-Out chairs
  • Specialized life jackets, flotation devices, and wet suits
  • Bob-skates and skate stabilizers
  • Oversized racquets and birdies
  • Adapted cooking equipment
  • Games (e.g. ring toss, croquet)
  • Adapted gardening tools
  • Stilts

Talk to your physiotherapist or occupational therapist to find out what equipment you can use! For bikes contact Janice 204-258-6749 and all other equipment contact Allison 431-276-9972