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FASD Family Network

6The Manitoba FASD Family Network offers community, opportunity and support for parents and caregivers of children living with FASD. It provides an accessible way to acquire knowledge, share ideas and strategies participate in recreation and advocate needs, but most importantly, to come together within an understanding community that links you with other families.

The Network is a place to share similar life experiences and learn about community supports and topics of interest for families in a hopeful and supportive environment. The Network facilitates support group meetings, information events and recreational activities for families with children and youth of all ages held throughout the year.

The Network offers a comprehensive range of evolving programs, some offered regularly while others change from year to year to provide variety and take advantage of new opportunities. Parents and caregivers are invited to drop in to meet others in similar situations and hear speakers and share ideas about how the Network can assist them. The Network also offers different recreation events during the year for children and youth.

Parent Advisory Group

The FASD Family Network is guided by a Parent Advisory Group that:

  • Helps identify areas of need as they relate to FASD and families
  • Provides ongoing direction for activities of the Network
  • Acts as a consultant group for agencies, government etc, to share insights regarding FASD from a family perspective

Building Circles of Support

The FASD Centre and the Manitoba FASD Network offers a flagship educational program, Building Circles of Support. This free 8 week educational FASD information program is offered once a year in Winnipeg and once a year to multiple locations in the province via Telehealth.

This valuable program provides insights into FASD characteristics for families and caregivers of children newly diagnosed or for individuals needing a refresher or to learn more. A different topic is discussed each week and participants are encouraged to attend the entire eight-week program for maximum benefit.

Join the Family Network

View our brochure and fill out the membership form and mail it to the address below to join!

Manitoba FASD Family Network
SSCY Centre
1155 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3E 3G1
Attn: Manitoba FASD Family Network
Phone: (204) 258-6601