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COVID-19 Information for Clients

The health and safety of clients, families and staff is top priority during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the direction of Shared Health Manitoba, SSCY Centre will remain open and health-care services will continue.

  • A mandatory screening process is in place at the front entrance of SSCY Centre, which is staffed by nurses. Pre-screening of clients is also being done over the phone during appointment reminders.
  • A triaging process will be put into place in each clinical area to determine whether clients need to be seen in person, could be seen through a virtual visit, or whether appointments could be deferred to a later date without negative impacts.


These tips and resources have been provided by RCC staff for clients and families to use during COVID-19 outbreak period. If you are looking for other resources related to our services, visit our Educational Resources and Practice Guidelines page.

Regulation and Behaviour Tips and Resources

Fun and Free At-Home Activities

Manitoba FASD Centre Updates

Assistive Technology

Child Development Clinic

Physical Therapy