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For RCC Clinicians

RCC clinicians are encouraged to conduct research projects and program evaluations, and present research results and program information at conferences and workshops. The RCC Research Development Coordinator is available to assist clinicians with:

  • developing research or evaluation ideas
  • designing and conducting projects
  • writing proposals and applying for grants
  • applying to present at conferences or workshops
  • creating posters or presentations for conference or workshops
  • creating informational resources for clients and families (such as pamplets)

Contact Jessie ( or (204) 258-6717) for more information.

Below are answers to common research questions:

What are the steps in doing a research project?
What is the Research Ethics Board application process?
What is the SSCY Centre Research Access application process?
What is the REB CV? What is the TCPS Ethics Course? Why do I have to do these?
What is an Informed Consent Form? What is an Assent Form? How do I write them?
Do clinical trials need to be registered?
How do I access a journal article online?