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The Rehabilitation Centre for Children offers many different multidisciplinary clinics to provide specialized services to our children and youth. Our on-site clinic appointments are in Clinic Crossing at SSCY Centre (except for Assistive Technology Clinic, which is in Innovation Station). Learn more about each of our clinics below.

A multidisciplinary clinic is a clinic appointment where you see health care professionals from different areas at the same time. For example, seeing a physician, nurse, dietician, and occupational therapist during the same visit. We also have a clinical nurse specialist who helps coordinate services for children and youth with complex care needs.

Our social worker provides transitions information starting at age 15 to guide the care and health of youth through adolescence into the adult health care system. Youth will receive one visit a year until they are 18 (or 21 if they are still in school) during a regularly scheduled clinic appointment.

Assistive Technology Clinic
Child Development Clinic
Feeding Clinic
Manitoba FASD Centre
Neonatal Follow-Up